Police continue to monitor condition of horses after welfare check request

In November 2019, animal control officers from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office received a request to check the welfare of several horses at an address in Green Oak Township. The initial investigation revealed a malnourished Arabian horse and three additional horses that were underweight.

During the initial investigation, the animal control deputies responded, along with several experts who specialize in horse rescue. The investigation revealed all four horses were undernourished and required medical attention; however, their condition did not appear to be life threatening.

At the owner’s request, one of the Arabians was signed over to an organization specializing in horse rescue. The owner also agreed to sign a corrective action plan designed to monitor the health and well-being of the three remaining horses. The plan allows the deputies the ability to enter onto the property at any time to conduct spot checks on the horses. To date, six random checks have been completed.

Since the start of the investigation, all three horses have exhibited improvement while under the owner’s care. Raising horses is not easy, to learn more about horses, visit Just For My Horse, It’s a website that will give you ideas on how to take care of your horses as well us tell you all information that you need to know about them. This investigation will remain open and the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor the welfare of the three horses until it is determined they are being properly cared for.

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