WATCH: Light of the World Academy student solves Rubik’s Cube in just 29 seconds at State Capitol

Drew Brewer works on solving the Rubik's Cube on the steps of the State Capitol.

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If you can solve the Rubik’s Cube in five minutes, that’s considered good. If you can solve it in two minutes, that’s considered very good.

Drew Brewer did it in just 29 seconds. On the steps of the State Capitol. With hundreds of people looking on.

Drew Brewer solves the Rubik’s Cube on the steps of the State Capitol with a huge crowd looking on.

That’s pressure – and that’s remarkable.

Drew is a seventh-grader at Light of the World Academy, a Montessori charter school in Pinckney. He went to Lansing on Tuesday as part of “Charter Day at the Capitol,” a huge event that drew hundreds of charter school parents, educators, students and supporters to the State Capitol.

The event featured a showcase of some innovative and high-achieving charter schools and students across the state, and Drew was invited to show off his Rubik’s Cube prowess. He’s actually solved the cube in close to 20 seconds, which ranks him as one of the fastest young “cubers” in the state.

Drew’s 29-second time at the State Capitol is considered excellent by any standard.

The current world record is just 3.47 seconds, held by a Chinese cuber. When the first Rubik’s Cube world championship was held in 1980, the world record was established at 22.95 seconds, and that record stood for decades.

Drew is a student in teacher Lexi Salisbury’s middle-school class at Light of the World Academy, and he’s one of several Rubik’s Cube whizzes in the class – all of whom can regularly solve the cube in less than a minute.

As a Montessori school, Light of the World Academy stresses hands-on learning and the development of problem-solving skills, and the Rubik’s Cube takes all of that into account. The students needs to use concentration, spatial awareness and math skills to successfully solve the cube.

And Drew Brewer is one of the fastest around.

For a look at Drew’s Rubik’s Cube performance on the steps of the State Capitol, watch the video below.

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