Tyler Allen showcases comedic talent as Mr. Green in “Clue: On Stage”

It’s anyone’s guess “whodunit” as the Hartland High School Drama Club presents “Clue: On Stage,” Friday through Sunday, Nov. 8 to 10, at Hartland High School, 10635 Dunham Road in Hartland. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, with a 2:30 p.m. matinee Sunday.

From now until opening night on Nov. 8, The Livingston Post will be profiling cast members of “Clue: On Stage.”

Hartland High School junior Tyler Allen, who plays the role of Mr. Green in Hartland Drama Club’s “Clue: On Stage,” says there’s more to the anxious and timid character than meets the eye. Allen, a drama club trustee, is looking forward to bringing his depiction of the iconic Mr. Green to the stage this fall.

We reached out to Allen, son of Mary and Greg Allen, to discuss his portrayal of the iconic character and the upcoming production of the board game brought to life.

Tyler Allen plays Mr. Green in “Clue: On Stage.” | Photo by Joshua Archer

Do you think there are unfair assumptions made about your character?
I believe that most people assume Mr. Green is just a klutz and doesn’t have much to him other than the guy who gets thrown around, but that really isn’t who Mr. Green is. Mr. Green is a character who is shy and not very confident in his own skills, and struggles to form quick responses when put in the spotlight. Overall he is not given enough credit as a fully developed character and not just a comedic relief character.

What are the challenges of playing a comedic role?
Playing a comedic role can be challenging because you have to be okay with people laughing at you, and you also have to know how to time the comedic bits so that they are actually funny. With being a comedic character it’s difficult to portray that I am actually making a joke and not a random statement.

What have you learned from your fellow cast members?
I have learned a lot about how to act on stage from my peers. They have taught me how to be more comfortable on the stage and have shown me what I do on the stage that could use improvement. I have learned how to become one with my character from simply watching the others acting as their own characters.

Was the game “Clue” a part of your childhood?
The board game “Clue” has been a game throughout my childhood that I loved to play. In my childhood I watched the movie once but really enjoyed it, and I had seen bits and pieces of the movie whenever it came on television.

Did you look to the board game and/or film to find inspiration for your character?
I take a lot of inspiration for the character Mr. Green from the movie, but I also have watched and taken inspiration from other schools’ productions of “Clue.”

How do you find the energy to rehearse after a long day of school?
I have the energy to do this after school because it is one of my passions. It doesn’t take much energy out of me doing something that I love to do, and I enjoy all my time working on the show. Sometimes after practice I am even re-energized.

What advice would you give to Mr. Green if you met him in real life?
I would tell Mr. Green that he shouldn’t worry if he is the least composed in the room, and that he just needs to be himself and not let others affect who he is.

What advice do you think Mr. Green would give to you?
I believe that Mr. Green would advise me to focus on my surroundings and always be aware of who I’m around and what they are like.

How does “Clue: On Stage” compare to other Hartland Drama Club productions?
I believe that this show will be one of the best straight plays that we have done in a few years, and that it will bring in the most people to see the show, as many people love the movie and those who don’t know the movie have definitely heard of the game. Overall this show is going to be amazing!

— Jennifer Stang

Tickets are available online at www.hartlanddramaclub.com and at the door. Individual tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students, children and seniors. Group rates are also available.

For more information, contact Mary Jo Del Vero at (810) 626-2360 or via e-mail at maryjodelvero@hartlandschools.us.


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