Twenty questions: How much trivia do you know about Livingston County?

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Rich Perlberg

For those of you with some spare time, here’s a Livingston County quiz submitted by Rich Perlberg, who claims he probably knows the answer to many of the questions he has posed. He also suggests a challenge that others submit their own Livingston County trivia questions. There need not be 20, but you should know the correct answer.

Have fun and wash your hands.

Twenty Questions

1. Name any of the restaurants once located in the current Summit sports building. Bonus: Name the first restaurant to open there.

2. Where was the W. T. Grant store located?

3. Which U.S. Representative, who once represented Howell, was named by People magazine as one of the sexiest members of Congress?

4. Where was the Pink Hotel?

5. Before there were ATMs, which drug store would cash a personal check for up to 20 bucks?

6. Where was the Clock restaurant?

7. Who was the most famous Livingston County government figure who originally hailed from Louisiana?

8. Who were Ed Davis and John Rushford, and what is significant about them?

9. Can you name four locations that housed Lynn’s Café in Brighton?

10. What was the name of the book that erroneously claimed that a traffic light perched on a home in Pinckney was in fact a signal for whether the Klan was meeting that night?

11. What was the name of the company founded by Republican gubernatorial candidate and former U.S. Rep. Dick Chrysler?

12. How many state champions in football and baseball did Brighton win when Drew Henson was in high school?

13. Who put on the fall beer fest called Oktoberfest, and where was it held?

14. Who is the most famous basketball player ever to play a game in Livingston County?

15. Where was the county’s one-and-only disco? Where was the county’s one-and-only topless dancing bar?

16. What township famously had the word “joke” used in its name after it actually went to court to determine who in the township hall had the right to open the mail?

17. Where was the first-ever McDonald’s in Livingston County located? How many McDonald’s are there today in Livingston County?

18. What is the story behind the funding for the Oceola Township Hall?

19. Who was ranked No. 1 the first time that the Livingston County Press and the Brighton Argus listed the 50 most powerful people in Livingston County?

20. Not including Dick Chrysler, name an elected official who represented part of Livingston County who ran for governor.

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  1. Just read the answers after I posted my answers and I WAS CORRECT on all I knew, the McDonald’s I thought so but not sure. Long time friend of Joe Ellis but did not know he was from Louisiana. President of Denver Broncos has same name and when I told him Bronco’s Ellis said County Clerk Ellis must have been a nicer man than him.

  2. Chrysler–Cars N Concepts. Sexiest–Rep. Carr Magic Johnson-basketball Topless somewhere near Pinckney Oktoberfest at Fowlerville fairgrounds by Jaycees and I worked on it.

  3. I’m questioning the Clock restaurant question. There were Nugget restaurants which had a very similar exterior and menu like the Clock in Livingston County. Lil’ Chef was one of the other early restaurants of that type. Both started in the 70’s.

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