Redistricting brings changes to Livingston County

This August we will be voting for Congress, State Representative, and County Commissioner. However the districts are changing and some of us are going to be in new districts.

There’s some changes in the Congressional maps; however all of Livingston County is still in the 8th District (MI-08). All of Ingham County (Lansing) is also in the district, as well as Northern Oakland County. Clinton and  Shiawassee Counties are no longer in the district. Brighton area native and current Howell resident Mike Rogers is the incumbent and will be facing Brian Hertrick of the Brighton area and Vernon Molnar of  either Fenton or Holly in the Republican primary.  The winner of the primary will be facing either Lansing’s Lance Enderle or Hamburg Township transplant Mike Magdich in the fall general election.

State Representative districts change somewhat:

The 42nd District (HD-42) is created from the old 66th District. It drops Milford Township in Oakland County, along with Oceola and Marion Townships in Livingston County.  It picks up Putnam and Hamburg Townships. The incumbent is Genoa Township’s Bill Rogers who has one term remaining. Bill will be facing Dale Rogers of Hamburg Township in the Republican primary. The winner will be facing Shanda Willis from the City of Brighton in the fall general election.

The 47th District (HD-47) picks up Marion and Oceola Townships from the old 66th district and drops Hamburg and Putnam Townships to the 42nd. Cindy Denby of Handy Township is the incumbent and has one term remaining. She faces Howell Township’s Harold Melton in the primary, and Howell resident Shawn Lowe Desai in the general election.

The most significant changes are in the Livingston County commissioner districts.

District 1 – Open Seat. Now covers the City of Brighton and Brighton Township north of Spencer Road. There is no primary election. Former Brighton Mayor Kate Lawrence will be facing Brighton Township resident Bruce Schneider in the general election.

District 2 – Incumbent Jim Mantey.  The new district covers Deerfield Township, Oceola Township, and precinct 2 in Hartland Township. Mantey will face William Green in the Republican Primary, with the winner facing Jeanette DiFlorio in the general election.

District 3 – Incumbent Dave Domas. The new district covers all of Tyrone and most of Hartland Township. Dave Domas and Dane Morris will have a rematch of the 2010 election this fall. There is no primary.

District 4 – Incumbent Ron Van Houten. The new district covers all of Conway, Handy, Iosco, and Unadilla Townships, along with precinct 1 in Putnam Township (SW of Pinckney). Van Houten has a primary challenge from Bill Call. No democrats have filed, so the only major challenge will be in the primary.

District 5 – Incumbent Jay Drick. The new district covers the City of Howell, all of Howell Township, and Cohoctah Township. Jay Drick has no major party opposition.

District 6 – Incumbent Steve Williams. The new district covers all of Marion Township, most of Putnam Township outside of precinct 1, and precinct 3 in Hamburg Township. Steve Williams has no major party opposition.

District 7 – Incumbent Carol Griffith. The new district covers all of Genoa Township.  There is no primary. Carol Griffith will be facing Jeff Lee in the general election.

District 8 – Incumbent Dennis Dolan. The new district covers all of Hamburg Township outside of precinct 3, and covers precinct 8 in Green Oak Township. (I believe west of US23 and South of Maltby Rd). There is no primary. Dolan will face Jim Katakowski in the general election this fall.

District 9 – Incumbent Jack LaBelle. The new district covers all of Green Oak  Township outside of precinct 8, and Brighton Township South of Spencer Road.  Jack faces Gary Childs in the primary and has no major opposition in the November general election.

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