Is it true that Steve Yzerman once lived on Latson Road in Howell?

Steve Yzerman

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Now that Steve Yzerman is back in town as the general manager of the Detroit Red Wings, it brings to mind an urban legend that spread like wildfire in Livingston County back in the late 1990s – an urban legend that many people today still believe.

The rumor: That Steve Yzerman lived in a big house house at the corner of Latson Road and Golf Club Road in Howell.

The truth: Steve Yzerman did not live in a big house at the corner of Latson Road and Golf Club Road in Howell. In fact, Steve Yzerman has never lived in Howell or anywhere else in Livingston County.

We know this because back in 1999 – a full 20 years ago, when the rumor started – a reporter from the Livingston County Press drove out there and actually knocked on the door. The homeowner answered, and sad to say, he was not wearing a No. 19 jersey.

He did confirm, however, that people would drive up to his house all the time with Red Wings stuff in hand, hoping to get it autographed. Here’s how reporter Christopher Nagy described it in his column of July 11, 1999:

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