Fowlerville gas stations drop prices after Livingston Post reports threat of AG investigation

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Well, well, well. Chalk one up to the power of the press!

Just a few hours after the Livingston Post reported that a formal inquiry was filed with the Michigan attorney general’s office, asking for an investigation into the high gas prices in Fowlerville, three of the stations quickly responded by lowering their prices.

A whole 10 cents a gallon.

So while we aren’t exactly celebrating here at the Livingston Post – and I’m still asking the AG’s office to investigate – we are claiming credit for this very small victory.

The three stations lowered their prices from $3.09 a gallon to $2.99 a gallon. So they went from being by far the highest prices in the state to being … by far the highest prices in the state.

According to, the average price across the state of Michigan is $2.56 a gallon, so Fowlerville’s stations are still 43 cents higher than the state average.

We still can’t find many gas stations anywhere in Michigan, even in the Upper Peninsula, that are charging $2.99 a gallon. So even though they dropped their prices 10 cents, they’re still the highest in the state.

And again, to clarify, the Fowlerville gas stations in question are the four stations located along Grand Avenue/Fowlerville Road, near the I-96 exit. Randy’s Service, located about four miles south of town, has always had reasonable gas prices. We should all be going there to buy our gas.

We’ll be keeping you posted on the progress of the request for an AG investigation, but we wanted to provide this update. We won’t rest until Fowlerville’s gas prices are in line with the rest of the state.

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  1. I don’t normally chime in on things but this is different. It’s about time! I was always frustrated when NPR would post the best and worst prices in the state and never listed Fowlerville. When I knew they were higher. I wonder if any of that extra cost was funneled into local elections? Randy’s has always been reasonable by the way, thank you Randy ‘s! I will not buy gas in Fowlerville and preach to others not to because of the prices.

  2. Also please remind everyone to stop buying all the products sold at these gas stations, not just the gas. Then they WILL get the hint. IF they do actually drop down and that’s a HUGE IF. I would still continue any boycott until they admit wrongdoing towards the community…..

  3. A start, to be sure. Highest in state doesn’t cut it though…the BP on Grand River there stayed the same as the other stations by the highway in price, although not mentioned. Hopefully they will get in line with prices in state after the investigation.

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