Fowlerville Fair will go on; board decides not to cancel summer event

The Fowlerville Family Fair from the skies.

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The Fowlerville Family Fair will go on.

The Fowlerville News & Views is reporting that barring an order from the state to the contrary, or a worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fair will go on as scheduled. The fair is scheduled for July 27-Aug. 1 at the Fowlerville Fairgrounds.

Dr. Tim Tersigni, a member of the fair board, told the News & Views that it was a unanimous decision to not cancel the fair.

“Given what’s going on now with the shelter in place that is confining many people to their homes, the business closures and layoffs, and the disruption and hardship this is causing, the board felt that putting on the fair would be a way of helping things get back to normal,” he told the News & Views.

Tersigni also said the fair would operate mostly as it has in past years. The animal show and other exhibits that were normally put on by 4-H will continue under the heading of a “Youth Show,” because all 4-H activities have been suspended until September.

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  1. Thankful for a fair board with some common sense! Anyone who is concerned for their health doesn’t have to go to the outdoor, fresh air fair. They can continue visiting safe places like Walmart, Meijer, Menards, Home Depot, etc.

  2. Fantastic! For those that think it’s a bad idea or aren’t happy with it because they’re scared…stay home. Obviously public things like this aren’t for you..let the rest of us enjoy our lives. We risk our lives everyday life is worth any risk! See y’all at the fair!

  3. Great idea, behind the fair board 100%
    Anybody concerned about their health, stay home.
    Nobody’s ever been required to attend the fair.
    Myself, I choose to life my life.

  4. So very happy to hear this. Kids work so hard all year and with 4H cancelled it will give them something to look forward to. Anyone that feel safe can come and to those who don’t they can stay home. Great decision. I hope other counties follow suit.

  5. I think it is stupid. Anything for money. What about people’s live’s. I live in fowlerville and it’s all about the money. It makes me sick .

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