Angela Predhomme

County singer/songwriter releases video inspired by Flint water crisis

Angela Predhomme of Hamburg Township is releasing her latest music video, “Time for a Change,” on Oct. 11, 2019. The video is inspired by the ongoing Flint Water Crisis, and is anchored by haunting images related to what’s still going on in Flint, to this day.

Predhomme originally wrote the song “Time For a Change” about the Flint Water Crisis, so to make this issue the focus of the video was a natural choice. A photojournalist friend of hers who lives in Flint donated his powerful images, which are the crux of the video. Angela produced the video herself, along with a team. They drove up to Flint and shot additional footage to enhance the video.

“Although prompted by Flint, the song ‘Time for a Change’ is more universal; it’s a call for empathy and compassion for all people,” Predhomme said.  “It’s a response to political policies that negatively affect certain groups of people. It’s an appeal to acceptance and kindness toward everyone.”

The track “Time for a Change” has a lot of attitude and energy, and it changes moods at different points to emphasize the message. It’s based around a funky guitar part and features a killer band and layered backing vocals.

You have most likely already heard Predhomme’s soulful, laid-back music and not even know it. Her songs have been heard all over the world through music licensing for television. Her music has been placed in TV shows, ads, and films on various networks, including Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” Hallmark’s “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane,” ads for Fiat and ING Bank, NBC’s “The Voice,” Freeform’s “Switched at Birth,” and much more. Predhomme achieved these successes by uploading her works into music libraries, where producers can search for songs and buy the rights to use them.

The majority of Predhomme’s songs are uplifting and hopeful, and that’s entirely by design.

“Most of my music is positive. That’s not because I’m happy all the time; it’s because my complaining about this or that won’t contribute positively to anyone else’s day,” she said. “If I can make someone feel a little bit better, even for just for a few minutes, then I’ve done my job. I want to remind anyone listening that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that they are worthy of love and respect, and that there is good in this world.”

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