Brandon Dillon apologizes for calling Howell “the home of the Michigan KKK” – read his letter

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Brandon Dillon, the chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, has apologized for referring to Howell as “the home of the Michigan KKK” in a tweet he sent in August. In a letter to the editor he sent to the Livingston Post today, Dillon wrote:

“Regrettably, during a portion of that exchange, I referenced Howell as the “Home of the KKK.” It was later brought to my attention that reference was not accurate, and I would like to say that I regret any offense I may have given to the hardworking, welcoming, and great people who live in and around Howell.”

You can read Dillon’s letter in its entirety here:


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Longtime Livingston County journalist Buddy Moorehouse is director of communications at the Michigan Association of Public School Academies.


  1. On what planet is that an apology? He quotes sixteen year old boys and people who exploit us. I have four children enrolled in HPS. Most wonderful place. Can’t say enough about the staff! Two kids are biologically mine, two are mine because they needed me and I needed them. My adopted kids are of mixed race and I have never, ever, ever witnessed any racism in OUR town toward them! They are on student council, honor roll, volleyball, cheer and loved and cared for in this community by Democrats and Republicans! May I suggest Mr. Dillon draft a sincere apology and resign. He is clearly not cut out for this.

  2. Thank you for rectifying this issue, Buddy. Howell has worked very hard to welcome all people to our community. Your pursuit to reinforce the encompassing spirit of our community is appreciated my MANY residents of Howell. Blessings on you and your persistence.

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