Bob Seger played here

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Confirmation that Bob Seger did, indeed, play in Livingston County — at the Howell Armory, to be exact — came after this post ran, thanks to Anthony B. Daniel from Brighton.

He remembered seeing a ticket stub in a “treasure box of old ticket stubs” he was going through after the death of his Uncle James.

“While reading your article it dawned on me that I had it! I didn’t realize however that I had (Ticket No.) 001.”

And then he was nice enough to send me a photo of the ticket, as well as some other information he found.

Because it’s a ticket stub, it has only part of the event information on it. The month printed on the ticket was February, and I figured it had to be in the early 70s.

So, I turned to the archives for the Livingston County Press, figuring that the paper would most certainly have publicized and/or covered the concert.

It did not.

But the Detroit Free Press had a small bit in its calendar for a concert at the Howell Armory on Friday, May 26, 1972, that featured three acts, including none other than Bob Seger.

So, we now know for certain that Bob Seger rocked Livingston County not once, but twice, for sure, but we’re fuzzy on details of one.

And Daniel said the ticket stubs his uncle had saved throughout his concert-going life were amazing.

“All the biggest rock bands and artists at Olympia to the Howell Armory apparently,” he said, adding “haha.”

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