Annika Kreeger entertains in “Clue: On Stage” as hysterical Mrs. Peacock

It’s anyone’s guess “whodunit” as the Hartland High School Drama Club presents “Clue: On Stage,” Friday through Sunday, Nov. 8 to 10, 2019, at Hartland High School, 10635 Dunham Road in Hartland. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, with a 2:30 p.m. matinee Sunday.

From now until opening night on Nov. 8, The Livingston Post will be profiling cast members of “Clue: On Stage.”

As a new recruit for Hartland High School’s Science Olympiad team, a physics enthusiast and a German Club member, Annika Kreeger hardly fits the description of a batty and neurotic female — so bringing the character of hysterical Mrs. Peacock to life in Hartland Drama Club’s “Clue: On Stage” has been an enjoyable endeavor for the talented junior, who has been acting since the third grade.

Kreeger, the daughter of Kay Simmons and Bill Kreeger, spoke with us about her interests and her involvement with the comedy “whodunit.”

Annika Kreeger plays Mrs. Peacock in the Hartland Drama Club production of “Clue: On Stage.”| Photo by Joshua Archer

Why do you think your character’s alias is Mrs. Peacock?
She is a classy, well-put-together wife of a senator from Tennessee, hence the pretty aspect of a peacock’s feathers, but she is still fragile in a mental sense and is quick to break, which adds to the delicate aspect of a bird. Also, peacocks are considerably loud, and Mrs. Peacock is quite talkative. If you do your research on the archetypical denotation of a peacock, you’ll find the bird is commonly associated with wealth, luxury and pride, which are all characteristics I’d say fit Mrs. Peacock.

You’ll also find that peacocks are a common occurrence in early Christian art, being a symbol of resurrection and immortality. The dotted pattern on a peacock’s feathers also serves as a reminder of heaven and the eyes of God watching down. The religious aspect of the peacock is very fitting, considering a large part of Mrs. Peacock’s life revolves around her Christian faith.

How has your drama club involvement impacted your high school experience?
Rehearsal has definitely become my favorite part of the day. If I’ve had a rough day, or life decided to throw a series of unfortunate events my way, rehearsal is where I want to be. I’ve become friends with so many supportive, kind and talented people I never would have known without drama club. I get an immense amount of school spirit and pride for our theater productions.

How do you spend your free time?
I am the epitome of a nerd. I love to do research. I have a passion for nuclear, quantum, particle and astrophysics and naturally general chemistry. In the little free time I can find, I’m usually watching a documentary or reading about complex physics concepts. To take a mental break, I enjoy tackling projects. Currently I’m working on writing a musical with my friend Anabel Persons (who plays the cook in “Clue”) and my sister, Lauren, about a Jewish Austrian female physicist named Lise Meitner who discovered nuclear fission during World War II. I also enjoy drawing or attempting to teach myself piano.

How does “Clue: On Stage” compare to other Hartland Drama Club productions?
It seems that every show gets consistently more fun each year. I can safely say that “Clue” is probably my favorite show I’ve been in. The jokes push at Hartland’s limits at times, but that adds to the fun! Having such a small cast in comparison to previous shows also makes it different. I’ve really gotten to know everyone, we’ve all bonded and we can have discussions about the production with our incredible director, Mr. Usher. Every show he and everyone in both cast and crew push ourselves to make a production that will top the previous show.

What is your favorite quote or motto?
“A little rebellion now and then is a good thing …” by Thomas Jefferson.

Why do you think people should see this show?
This fall, with a play with a joke hidden in every line, an incredible set, probably over 100 sound effects, too many props to count and who knows what else, we have all taken a stab at an enormous but awarding challenge. In my past years at the high school, the club’s done mostly serious shows, like “Our Town” or “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Even “Sherlock Holmes” had a decent amount of drama. “Clue” is definitely a more chaotic, lighthearted, sit-down-and-laugh kind of play. I sincerely believe this show will be an iconic and memorable straight show for the drama club.

— Jennifer Stang

Tickets are available online at and at the door. Individual tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students, children and seniors. Group rates are also available.

For more information, contact Mary Jo Del Vero at (810) 626-2360 or via e-mail at


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