What’s REALLY underneath Mt. Brighton? We found the answer in this 1962 article

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For almost six decades, it’s been one of the biggest mysteries in Livingston County: What’s REALLY underneath Mt. Brighton?

The various owners of the ski resort in Genoa Township have always maintained that it’s nothing but good, old dirt, but others who were around when the ski hill opened have claimed that it’s either built on a landfill or thousands of old tires.

So, what’s the REAL story?

We found the answer in this story in the Jan. 31, 1962, article in the Livingston County Press – the first mention we could find in the newspaper of Mt. Brighton’s existence.

We’ve got the dirt, and the truth is … it’s dirt.

But we did uncover another mystery of sorts. According to Mt. Brighton’s official website, the ski hill opened during the winter of 1960-1961. But according to this article, the ski hill was actually constructed in the summer and fall of 1961, and opened in the winter of 1961-1962.

If anyone – including Mt. Brighton – has evidence that the ski hill actually opened in 1960, we’d love to see it.

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  1. my school bus route wemt by there everyday when I was a kid the little hill was there there built was built out of crush scrap cars and dirt took almost 2 years to built it

  2. It was my understanding that the hill was constructed with the spoils from digging out sections of the Lodge freeway.

  3. I lived in my Brighton sub and as a child, I watched them build risky ( biggest hill, or back side of it) there was tires!

  4. This is interesting history. What would be even more interesting would be to see pretunnel photos of the river that is now tunneled under the city that flows from the Milpond.

  5. Ask the Herbst family. It is my understanding they owned the land before it became Mt. Brighton.

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