We’re accepting Letters to the Editor

We are now providing digital space for letters to the editor on issues that affect Livingston County. We hope to foster constructive community conversation including the polite swapping of ideas, giving of thanks, congratulations on accomplishments, and general sharing of thoughts.

The ground rules for consideration of publication are that letters are issue-oriented and PG-rated; offensive and/or foul language will automatically disqualify letters from consideration. You must also include your name and city for publication — we do not publish anonymous submissions — and, for our use only, a phone number for verification of authorship and any questions we might have. Keep in mind, too, that we will edit your submission for style and clarity if it’s needed.

Submitting a letter for consideration couldn’t be easier.

• Email your letter to info@thelivingstonpost-staging.tepontv7-liquidwebsites.com


• Fill out the form below:

Letter to the Editor

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