WATCH: Miss America contestant Margaret Devereaux of Howell on “What’s My Line?” in 1955

Margaret Devereaux of Howell, left, on "What's My Line?" in 1955.

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We’ve unearthed a Livingston County TV gem: The 1955 appearance on the show “What’s My Line?” by Miss America contestant Margaret Devereaux from Howell.

Devereaux was Miss Michigan in 1955 – the only Miss Michigan ever from Livingston County – and she competed in the Miss America pageant that year.

That earned her an appearance on the popular TV show “What’s My Line?” that year. The show aired on Sept. 11, 1955.

Devereaux proudly introduces herself as a native of Howell, Michigan, right at the beginning of the show, and the celebrity panelists proceed to try and guess her occupation (nurse).

Watch this piece of Livingston County TV history below.

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