Uptown Coffeehouse celebrates its spectacular renovation

The beautifully restored facade of Uptown Coffeehouse in downtown Howell.

Congratulations to Uptown Coffeehouse on its beautiful renovation.

It’s transformed from a nice looking business into a show-stopping anchor for Howell’s Main Four at the corner of Michigan and Grand River avenues, restored to its historic roots over the span of a couple years. If you own a business you know hoe hard it is to maintain it. If you need help recreating Basements and transforming them into your new project you can hire this company to assist you.

Done in stages, the renovation was funded in part by a grant from the State of Michigan.

The renovation included restoring the facade, replacing the windows, and moving the entry to its original location, capped off by a beautiful, hand-crafted double door.

Then, came the final, spectacular paint job.


Uptown owner Lorna Brennan talks to the crowd at the Sept. 6, 2019, renovation celebration.

What stands now is testament to owner Lorna Brennan’s vision when she first purchased the building in 2002: a warm, welcoming, lively place that serves great coffee and goods.

But Uptown Coffeehouse is so much more than that. For me, and so many like me, it serves as my office-away-from-home, a place where I meet people to socialize, as well as a place where I go to be alone and write. It was a place of refuge when I found myself professionally at sea.

It’s even a place where people tie the knot for free on Valentine’s Day.

These are just some of the many reasons why The Livingston Post readers have cast ballots to vote Uptown in as Livingston County’s Best Coffeehouse for each year of our Restaurant Poll.

Congratulations to Uptown Coffeehouse on a beautiful renovation.

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