Support Howell Opera House Renovation With Life Saving ID

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Bernie Gerecke of Life Saving ID

Bernie Gerecke, of Life Saving ID, has been in talks with Howell Opera House staff to support the Restore the Glory: 140 Day Challenge and today announced that she is fully on board this worthwhile endeavor. Bernie Gerecke and her husband, Dave, are lifelong residents of Livingston County who run a small business creating reflective green and white 911 address signs. To help support the restoration of the Howell Opera House, Life Saving ID has announced that the business will donate $5 of each address sign sold between now and March 31 to the Restore the Glory campaign. Custom made address signs cost just $20, and the $5 donation will be tripled to a $15 donation thanks to matching donations pledged by First National Bank of Howell, and Houston based non-profit music organization Music Doing Good, Inc.

When asked why restoration of the Howell Opera House is a cause close to her heart, Bernie Gerecke replied, “The Howell Opera House offers a much needed cultural experience for our youth in Howell and the surrounding areas. Not only is the building a beautiful historical landmark, but it also is an inspiration to our creative youth in the area providing necessary programs and cultural arts events that just weren’t out there for them before. My daughter and grandchildren are heavily into the arts and the Opera House provides opportunities for my grandchildren that my daughter just didn’t have. I think keeping this cultural center afloat is a necessary part of improving quality of life in Livingston County.”

If there’s one thing Bernie Gerecke is passionate about it’s quality of life. In talking to her further, Bernie shared a few of the reasons she and her husband created Life Saving ID. “I worked for Livingston County for more than 20 years, and my most recent position was as an addressing official. I had regular contact with 911 and was made aware of how difficult it is to find some of our local residents in emergency situations due to improper address marking. My husband’s life was saved thanks to a reflective green and white 911 address sign we’d installed at the end of our drive. He suffered heart arrhythmia and had to be shocked with paddles on our living room couch in the winter of 2008. Dave’s quality of life would have been much different if our home hadn’t been so easy for EMS to locate in bad weather on country roads. He might not even be alive today.”

Since then, this married couple of 44 years has had a passion for helping people get their addresses properly marked so that they will be safe in an emergency. Bernie Gerecke said, “We hope that no family ever has to go through what we did. However, we also know that our address signs are a $20 investment that amounts to a very affordable insurance policy which could help save the life of a loved one. It did for our family.”

You can learn more about purchasing Life Saving ID address signs and supporting the Howell Opera House Restore the Glory fundraising campaign by visiting Order forms are also available at the Howell Opera House located at 123 West Grand River, Howell, Michigan 48843.

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