Students blend techniques, tissue and tools

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Creating art means different things to different people. For me, it usually means creating something that is useful or can be displayed and somehow incorporates photos that hold a special meaning or memory for me. It could be a mini book project for my sisters or brothers, a garden journal for myself or a scrapbook page for one of my kids.

My Shuttered Images class had been bouncing around my head for a good two years. I wanted to take a Vintage shutter and incorporate old family photos and use white, cream and soft cool paint colors for accents. Sometimes you get lucky and everything works just like it’s suppose to and it all comes together. That’s how it was with the shutter project. After thinking about it for so long I had loads of ideas and a variety of techniques I wanted to try and when I sat down that day in April it all came together very easily and the project was actually completed in one day – and it was exactly what I had envisioned!

The finished project obviously appealed to others because the class filled in a matter of days. I had so much fun sharing all the tips and techniques used on this project and the students really enjoyed themselves. We used gesso, acrylic paint dabbers, gel medium, inks and sewing pattern tissue photo prints – along with power tools! Yep, holes were drilled and bored, screws used to attach knobs and pulls and paints applied for color. It was simply amazing!

Now, let me know if you agree, but I’m thinking this little scrapped treasure might look great displayed on a wall alongside a waiting-to-be-altered four-paned window and old window screen I recently sneaked  into the garage.