Enjoying the pleasures of Fall

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I’m loving this cooler weather, aren’t you? Doesn’t it just make you want to be outdoors? In between prepping kits for classes this week I’ve had time to sit out by the pond and enjoy watching the birds. They are really active this time of the year, and especially enjoy the stream.

Dennis and I went to Kensington this afternoon and walked the Aspen trail. The weather was perfect and it smelled so good and outdoorsy-fresh. We seen two deer while on the trail and a whole slew of chipmunks! Just getting up and moving makes me feel better, but getting up and moving outdoors is the best!

This Fall weather also brings out the homemaker in me and makes me want to cook! I love comfort foods and have been trying to use up whatever we have in the freezer – I hate going to the store for groceries. The freezer’s getting pretty empty but we did have two chicken breasts in there so I started out thinking I’d make chicken noodle soup and some blueberry muffins. I put the oil in the soup pot to saute the onions, carrots, garlic and celery and they smelled so good that suddenly I decided I wanted chicken and biscuits instead – easy change, but I did need to go to the store after all to buy cream for the sauce. Dinner tasted so good and I’ve included the recipe on my blog for you – enjoy!

Now, back to my mess – I’m busy trying to work on Christmas class samples this week but this beautiful weather just keeps calling me outdoors. Focus, stay focused! Watch my blog calendar for class updates and locations.