Polly Skolarus is not a Republican. So why is she running as a Republican?

According to her posts on Facebook and numerous websites, Genoa Township Clerk Polly Skolarus is most certainly not a Republican. She hates Republicans and she bad-mouths Republicans. She can’t say enough negative things about Republicans.

So why is she running as a Republican?

It’s a fair question for voters to ask as Tuesday’s Republican primary approaches: “Polly, if you’re not a Republican, why are you on the ballot as a Republican?”

The answer is easy. Because in Genoa Township – as in most Livingston County communities – a candidate doesn’t stand a chance in a partisan election if he or she is not a Republican. That’s just the way it is. Just like in Detroit or Ann Arbor, you’ll never win if you’re not a Democrat. So in Skolarus’ case, she decides to lie to the voters and say she’s a Republican simply to get elected.

What does that tell us about Polly Skolarus’ character and ethics? It tells us she’s willing to say anything – including lying about her party affiliation – just to get elected.

This has nothing to do with whether it’s good or bad to be a Republican. There is NOTHING WRONG with being a Democrat. Nothing at all.

But Polly, if you’re a Democrat, then why not run for office as a Democrat? You’ve been in office for 30 years now. Why are you lying to the voters and claiming to be a Republican?

If you’re a Democrat, then say you’re a Democrat. Don’t lie about your party affiliation simply to get elected.

I’m not sure if she’s going to try and deny it, but the evidence that Skolarus isn’t a Republican is all over the Internet. A simple search of Facebook and a few websites reveals her true political leanings:

  • On the website WesternJournalism.com, Skolarus left numerous comments on a cartoon entitled, “An Obama Apology is the Worst Kind of Apology,” which was published in April 2015. Among Skolarus’ comments:
  • “It is because the Christian Republicans don’t care what happens to the poor.”
  • “I am still waiting for a response of one thing that the Republican Party did for the average American to no one give me an answer (sic).”
  • “And still not one person on this site can tell me one good thing the Republican Party did for the average American. It is a simple question.”
  • On Facebook, her comments have included:
  • “The destruction of our planet isn’t coming from aliens but instead the Republican Party.”
  • “This is not a surprise. Vote out the Republicans.” (In response to a photo she shared.)
  • “I just don’t know. My grandchildren might be okay but not their grandchildren. Terrible world we live in and we are destroying it thanks to the Republican Party and the Koch brothers.
  • “Obama always tells it like it is. Way to go Barack!”

And then there was also the totally tasteless Facebook post in which Skolarus’ husband rejoiced at the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and Skolarus “Liked” it.

And so on and so on. On Facebook and all over the Internet, Polly Skolarus makes no attempt to hide the fact that she’s a Democrat.

Which is fine. And if you agree with everything she says, then you should join me in saying, “Polly, if you’re a Democrat, then run for office as a Democrat.”

And remember – this isn’t ME telling you that Polly Skolarus isn’t a Republican. She’s telling you that herself! Just look at the words she wrote. She is in no way, shape or form a Republican.

But since Skolarus knows that a Democrat will never get elected in Genoa Township, she feels it’s necessary to lie to the voters.

We’ve seen this before in Livingston County – Democrats pretending to be Republicans just so they can get elected. But those people usually try to hide their true feelings. I’ve never seen it done this openly before. It’s pretty amazing, actually. Polly Skolarus is a Democrat, and she doesn’t care who knows it – except, of course, the voters in Genoa Township.

Her opponent in Tuesday’s Republican primary, Dan Wholihan, is most certainly a Republican. He’s the chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party, and if you look him up on Facebook and the Internet, there’s no doubt about his political leanings.

Whereas Polly Skolarus is a Democrat running in the Republican primary, Dan Wholihan is a Republican running in the Republican primary.

So I’ll ask it again: Polly, if you’re not a Republican, why are you running as a Republican?

(EDIT: Polly Skolarus has responded in the comments below.)

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