Genoa clerk Skolarus apparently celebrated on Facebook when Scalia died

Genoa Township Clerk Polly Skolarus apparently celebrated on Facebook in February when U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died. You read that right.

Skolarus’ husband, Chip Hartinger, appeared to take great delight in Scalia’s death, posting this on Feb. 13, 2016 – the day of Scalia’s passing:

“Ding dong the witch is dead….Anthony (sic) Scalia died today!”

Skolarus, a Republican who has been Genoa’s clerk for the past 30 years, responded by “Liking” the post.

Hear that again: Her husband celebrated Justice Scalia’s death with a totally tasteless, despicable Facebook post, and Skolarus “Liked” it.

Polly, what were you thinking?

Skolarus now has a whole lot of explaining to do. Not only how she could have been so incredibly insensitive concerning Scalia’s death, but whether or not she’s actually a Republican. Because a review of her Facebook activity reveals a whole lot more that’s very interesting.

She’s up for re-election in the Aug. 2 primary, facing a strong challenge from Dan Wholihan, chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party. Skolarus has been Genoa’s clerk since 1986, but her days at the Township Hall might be numbered.

In addition to this Facebook bombshell, there was reportedly an incident involving Hartinger at a July 12 Meet the Candidates Nights at the Block Brewing Company in Howell (sponsored by the Gadsden Center). Hartinger was reportedly asked to leave the premises during the debate after loudly heckling a couple of the Genoa candidates. He sounds like a treat.

A quick look through Chip Hartinger’s Facebook feed shows that Skolarus’ husband is a very, very, very liberal Democrat. The majority of his posts are shares of anti-Republican or pro-Democratic photos, memes and stories. It’s all pretty generic, but the one that stands out is the tasteless post that celebrates Scalia’s death.

Scalia, of course, was the conservative leader of the court for decades, and liberals truly despised the man.

Fine, hate him all you want. But to celebrate his death like that is beyond the pale. (Imagine a conservative doing the same thing on Facebook if Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away.)

Hartinger isn’t a public official, though. He can be as offensive as he wants on social media, and he only has to answer to his maker. Skolarus is another story. As an elected official, she has to answer to the voters.

And those voters would be justified in asking her: Polly, what were you thinking?

Moreover, there’s plenty on Facebook to question whether Skolarus – who has always run for office as a Republican – is actually a Republican.

Skolarus doesn’t appear to post anything herself, but she offers plenty of comments and “Likes” on her husband’s anti-Republican rants. Back on April 16, 2011, commenting on one of Hartinger’s posts about Medicare, Skolarus wrote: “Republicans no longer care about its (sic) citizens.”

If that’s how she feels, why is she still running for office as a Republican?

There’s nothing wrong with being a Democrat, of course. And if Skolarus feels that Republicans no longer care about the people, that’s her right.

But again, why would she be running as a Republican if that’s how she feels about Republicans?

So as she knocks on doors these next couple weeks in advance of the Aug. 2 Republican primary (assuming she’s knocking on doors), voters might want to ask two questions:

1. Why in the world would you have celebrated on Facebook when Justice Scalia died?

2. Are you really a Republican?

(EDIT: Polly Skolarus has responded in the comments below.)

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