Pinckney artist’s new “Peace Angel” masterpiece unveiled

There was a collective gasp on Friday evening at Shalom Lutheran Church in Pinckney when the latest masterpiece by artist Cindy Mitchell was unveiled. Then there was applause – lots of applause.

Mitchell’s oil painting, titled “Peace Angel,” was unveiled during a special celebration at Shalom. The seven-foot-high painting took Mitchell five months to complete, and was the second in a series of “Angel” paintings she’ll be doing.

“It was a great night,” Mitchell said. “Everybody had their cameras out and every both applauded when we unveiled it. I definitely felt loved and appreciated, and I want to thank everyone that was there. It meant a lot to me. I think they really got the ‘peace’ message in the painting.”

Prior to the unveiling, some of Mitchell’s art students from Light of the World Academy in Pinckney took part in an art show, displaying their own “peace” works of art.

“The kids were amazing,” Mitchell said. “I was so proud of them, and I think they loved being part of a big art show like that. It made them feel really special.”

Now that “Peace Angel” has been unveiled, it’s going to spend the next few months touring at several churches in the area. For the next eight weeks, it’s going to be on display at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Brighton.

From 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3, there will be a “Meet the Artist” event at St. Paul, where people can view the painting and visit with Mitchell. The public is invited.

Cindy Mitchell’s new masterpiece, “Peace Angel.”

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