PHOTOS: People got really dressed up for Michigan football games in 1954

Back in the 1950s and ’60s, people used to get dressed up for everything – going out to eat, going shopping, flying on airplanes, everything. If you left the house, you put on a suit and tie or a dress and heels.

This was even true when you went to a Michigan football game.

We’ve uncovered some gloriously cool photos to illustrate the point. Back on Oct. 23, 1954, the Ann Arbor News sent photographer Eck Stanger to Michigan Stadium to get photos of what people were wearing that day. And as you’ll see, people got dressed to the nines when they went to see the Wolverines. All of these photos were found on the Ann Arbor District Library’s website,

Michigan was playing Minnesota that day, and these nattily-attired people had a lot to cheer for – the Wolverines won, 38-0. It was also a sunny and beautiful late-October day, with temperatures in the 60s.

Enjoy the Michigan game-day fashions from 1954!

And we’ve seen evidence that the dressing-up-for-the-games continued into the 1960s, as well. Below is a photo of Gov. George Romney at the Michigan-Michigan State game in 1962. As you’ll see in the crowd, plenty of folks are still all dolled up for the affair (and smoking in the stands was obviously no big deal, either!).

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