Not good: Reader hires sleazy campaign consultant, then lies about Vailliencourt

This is what happens when you hire Michigan’s sleaziest campaign consultant to run things.

David Reader, who has spent decades building up an outstanding reputation as a Livingston County Commissioner and Circuit Court Judge, is on the verge of throwing all of that away. He hired a man named David Forsmark – the aforementioned sleaziest campaign consultant in Michigan – to run his campaign, and now we see the result.

Why, Dave Reader? Why? Why would you have hired this person to run your campaign?

Reader is running for Livingston County prosecutor, and his opponent in the Republican primary is incumbent William Vailliencourt. We were already expecting this to be Livingston County’s nastiest primary race, and then David Forsmark got involved. Now it’s become pathetic.

In a Facebook post last week, the Reader campaign (i.e., Forsmark) said that Vailliencourt is refusing to issue charges against the woman who tweeted that Howell should be “the first city to burn” in the wake of the George Floyd killing.

Just one problem with that: IT’S NOT TRUE.

As in, it’s a lie. It’s a lie to say that Vailliencourt “refuses to charge” the woman in the case.

In fact, Vailliencourt says he’s still gathering evidence in the case, and very well might issue charges in the case.

There’s also a chance Vailliencourt might announce that he’s not issuing charges. If he does – at that point – then you can say that he “refuses” to issue charges. But if you say it now, it’s a lie. And that’s what Reader’s campaign just did.

When asked about this, Reader would only say that if his untruthful Facebook post “helps speed up (Vailliencourt’s) decision, then so be it.”

Come on, Judge Reader. It’s a lie. It’s a lie at this point to say that Bill Valliencourt “refuses” to issue charges in the case. Vailliencourt hasn’t refused to do anything yet.

You’re so much better than this, Judge Reader. Why? Why did you turn things over to David Forsmark?

In case you’re wondering WHO this Forsmark character is, Livingston County will remember him as the bottom-feeder who was brought in to run L. Suzanne Geddis’ campaign for Circuit Court judge against my friend Dennis Brewer in 2018. Along the way, he insulted voters, he talked about personal appearances and he even brought his opponent’s family into it. He also managed to get almost everyone on the Livingston County Republican Party’s Facebook page to hate his guts because of his nastiness. This guy’s a real gem. It’s all detailed in this post I wrote in 2018.

David Forsmark

He also doesn’t live in Livingston County, by the way, so he doesn’t care how many people here hate him. He’s just going to scorch the earth here and then crawl back under his rock until the next election.

As we saw in 2018, Forsmark will resort to anything to win. He has no morals or scruples. He’s apparently ready to up his game in 2020, to the point where he’s willing to let his candidate say things that simply aren’t true.

I’d actually heard a few weeks ago that Reader had hired Forsmark, and I was hoping it wasn’t true. And then we started to see some signs that, alas, it was true.

One of Forsmark’s hallmarks is to childishly call his opponent names on Facebook. That popped up in a Facebook post on the Reader campaign page a few weeks back, where he referred to Vailliencourt as “Weasel Willy.”

Good one, Forsmark! Weasel Willy! Hahaha! How incredibly clever you are! That’s really going to convince a lot of people that your candidate is the one to vote for.

Seriously, we don’t need or deserve this crap. This is a very serious race. We’re picking the Republican candidate for prosecutor, and in this county, the winner of the primary will most likely win in November.

We don’t need one campaign lying about what the other candidate is doing. We don’t need name-calling. And we certainly don’t need David Forsmark.

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