“Stupid,” “weasel” – Geddis’ campaign consultant David Forsmark goes on Facebook tirade attacking voters

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Is this the way to win an election in Livingston County? By hiring a consultant who isn’t from Livingston County, and then letting him go on Facebook to insult, berate and demean the voters of Livingston County?

The appears to be the strategy that L. Suzanne Geddis is using in her campaign to be our next Circuit Court judge. And I can’t see how it’s helping her.

The person at the center of all this is a guy from the Flint area named David Forsmark, a political consultant who runs some company called “Winning Strategies.” Even though he’s not from Livingston County, Geddis hired him as her consultant to run her campaign.

Evidently, his “Winning Strategy” is to insult as many Livingston County voters as he can.

Until this campaign, I had no idea who David Forsmark was. I’ve never met him before in my life, and I’d never heard of him. He has apparently run several other campaigns before, and from what I’ve heard, he specializes in negative campaigns and gutter politics.

When you do a Google search of his name, the main thing that comes up is that he was connected to the Todd Courser scandal a few years back. Just great.

For the past few months, Forsmark has been going wild on Facebook – primarily on the Livingston County GOP page – throwing dirt around and hurling some of the most vile insults you’ve ever heard. Geddis herself never responds to any posts that I’ve seen, so Forsmark acts as her campaign spokesperson on social media.

The people on the Livingston County GOP page hate him. So do the people on the Livingston Post’s page, where he throws out attacks and insults every time the Circuit Court race comes up. Forsmark faces a firestorm of criticism from Livingston County residents every time he starts with the attacks, but he doesn’t care. He just keeps going.

And it makes you wonder: Why in God’s name would anyone hire this guy to run their campaign?

I got dragged into this a few weeks ago because he started going after me on Facebook. Geddis’ opponent, Dennis Brewer, is a friend of mine, and I’m supporting him in the campaign. So simply because I was supporting a friend of mine in a campaign, Forsmark took the opportunity to start attacking me. It got so bad that I had to block him on Facebook, and I never block ANYONE.

I’m about to show you some of the attacks he’s made, and they’re pretty bad. He calls people “stupid” and accuses them of eating smelly feet (seriously). He attacks Dennis Brewer’s personal appearance.

In the worst one, he calls a female voter from Livingston County a “foul-mouthed simpleton.”

Seriously, David? You’re bullying a woman on Facebook by calling her a “foul-mouthed simpleton”? That’s your winning political strategy in 2018?

Before you look at some of the attacks he’s made, remember a few things:

  • This guy is not one of us. He does not live in Livingston County. He’s not from Livingston County. He does not vote in Livingston County. His only connection to Livingston County is that he likes to insult the voters here.
  • This guy is being paid by L. Suzanne Geddis to do this. He’s her political consultant and her campaign spokesperson. According to campaign finance statements, Geddis’ campaign paid “Winning Strategies” $36,400 this summer and another $19,400 in September. That’s more than $55,000! Geddis is paying David Forsmark a whole lot of money, so you have to ask – and a bunch of people have – Why hasn’t she told him to stop?
  • The biggest issue in this judicial race has been the idea that in the wake of the Judge Theresa Brennan scandal, we need to restore faith in our court system here. Over the past few weeks during her Judicial Tenure Commission hearing, we heard in painstaking detail how Judge Brennan would insult and demean the people who came into her courtroom. And now we have a political consultant in a judicial race here who’s doing the exact same thing.

Is this what we really want in a Livingston County judicial election? A campaign consultant who acts like Theresa Brennan?

And now, here are some of David Forsmark’s attacks, and the response he’s gotten from Livingston County voters. See for yourself:

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Longtime Livingston County journalist Buddy Moorehouse is director of communications at the Michigan Association of Public School Academies.


  1. Just a few thoughts on the incredibly deceptive screed by Buddy above:
    1. Judging by the number of Brewer for Judge pop ups that hit me while I was reading this hilarious tripe, Buddy is also a paid propagandist for Dennis, not just a friend.
    2. To call this selective facts, is to insult selective facts.
    3. For instance, to say all you need to know is that I was “involved” in the Todd Courser scandal, is like saying all you need to know about Joe Hune, Lana Theis and Hank Vaupel is that they are “involved” in the Brennan scandal. Yes, I played a lead role in taking down Michigan’s most disgraceful politician.
    4. Buddy purposely leaves out that the person I called foul mouthed and simple had dropped dozens of F-bombs in a post on a public debate page.
    5. Buddy is obviously too simple to understand a joke made about putting one’s foot in one’s mouth– though he gets to see the context and the few people who read his column do not, so he probably got it, but again, is purposely being selective.
    6. The “woman voter” Buddy is so offended on behalf of, is a fake name that appears nowhere in registered voter files, but is a front someone uses in order to use obscene language online without personal consequences.

    As to my professional life:
    1. Buddy should have heard of me. I was on the other side when he ran for State Rep and got about half the votes my client did.
    2. To say that Judge Geddis has “paid me” the above amounts is absurd. Those are the costs of mailing a county-wide race, not some kind of over inflated salary. I also assume he knows this, but is being deceptively selective again with his reader.
    3. Your assertion that every time you publish something on the Livingston Post I go wild- If you allow this to post, it will be the ONLY comment on this site according to your search engine. That’s just a weird thing to say. Though you’ve brought me up before.
    4. My comments are my own, but then again, guilt by association has been the main Brewer tactic throughout this campaign, as they try to make being a Livingston County Judge a bad thing, so I expect no less.

    Buddy, you really should change your resume line to “former” journalist.

    • David, unlike you, I’m not a “paid propagandist” for anyone. I’m not paid by the Brewer campaign and I’ve never gotten a dime from the Livingston Post. I’m taking you on for free.

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