New Hudson restaurant opening Thursday in defiance of governor’s order

A restaurant in New Hudson, just east of the Livingston County line, says it’s opening for dine-in service Thursday in defiance of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order that all restaurants must be carryout only.

In a Facebook post today, the restaurant’s owner said, “We will not obey illegal orders.”

Molly Pitcher’s Lounge, located at 56477 Grand River Ave. in New Hudson, will be open Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The restaurant is part of the Huron Valley Guns complex, which also includes a shooting range and gun store. Here’s the full Facebook post from Huron Valley Guns:

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  1. The restaurant owner says that ‘we will not obey illegal orders.’ Apparently he is a legal expert on the subject. (I’m surprised that the Governor and Health Officials hadn’t consulted him first.)
    If his decision is such an ‘in your face’ and blatant disregard of the HEATH consequences of his employees and customers during this GLOBAL PANDEMIC don’t you wonder what precautions he’s taking behind the scenes (ie; the kitchen) to protect their health?
    If this isn’t a scream for a random (surprise) Oakland County Health Department inspection, I don’t know what would be !
    btw… Isn’t violating an order regarding HEALTH issues in restaurants during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC the very definition of a priority violation?

    • Are you working? Do you have a constant income? Take you socialism opinions and keep them to your self!

    • The flu killed more people last year than this “pandemic” enough is enough…
      If you’re scared or worried, dont go out…it REALLY IS JUST THAT SIMPLE.

  2. I am high risk, but, it’s a free country and everyone know the risks and has a different appetite for risk. It is their constitutional right to decide. Don’t stop them from exercising it!

  3. Why is this news? Why are you reporting it as news? There are a lot of people who are affected negatively by the pandemic. You think perpetuating social unrest is going to make it go away? And what if a second wave arrives as predicted. Are you going to apologize for sensationalized reporting as the economy crashes for a second time and countless Americans die? I suppose you think you’re a better “news” source than CNN and FOXnews? Have you considered that our “news” and freedom of the press is part of the problem with this whole mess? Maybe you could make more of an impact if you published something explaining that if everyone wears a mask in public, then the virus goes away, and we save ourselves another $5 trillion off the printing press. Lame.

    • The numbers no longer justify a lockdown, and honestly they never did. at the beginning it was an unknown and the lockdown erring on the side of caution was very smart. Healthy people now need to get out and live life again, and protect those who are vulnerable. That is how quarantines work. Freedom of the press is an essential part of our society and what has made it great. Sorry if you believe in censorship – perhaps this is not the country for you. I don’t agree with 80% of what the press puts out there, but I respect their right to do so. If the numbers were vastly different from this alleged pandemic, I would agree and wholeheartedly wear my mask. However I believe that society can function using proper sanitary and distancing methods without stopping completely. It has become a highly polarized political issue, not supported by the medical numbers any longer.

    • No…perpetual unrest wont make it go away…nothing will…EVER…
      No virus has ever been cured…The boring old flu has vaccines and still kills 10s of thousands every year, and being locked down only weakens our immune system more, almost guaranteeing a “second wave”.
      AND information changes daily…the ONLY REPORTING that is consistent is DO WHAT WE TELL YOU, OR ELSE…
      If it is so “deadly” where are all the outbreaks amongst the 100s of thousands of retail workers that have worked STRAIGHT THROUGH…certainly there should be one WalMart or one Costco or one Sam’s club that had COVID attack its work force..
      Yet NOT ONE reported, not anywhere…in Michigan or otherwise…
      Why are they seemingly immune…what do they do that is so special that nearly every closed business in the state cant replicate…you cant tell me it’s because of the high IQ of some of the workers at those places.
      I’m sorry that doesnt make you go hmmm like the rest of us who actually pay attention and think for ourselves.
      AND how did Sweeden, that never locked down end up with fewer cases and deaths than we did here in Michigan?

    • You haven’t seen a story about how masks are important? On social media? And the economy has crashed twice. Do you maybe need an explanation of the word “idiot”, cause that might help you???

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