Livingston GOP wants Howell rec employees investigated over drag queen bingo

Just when you thought it was safe to attend the Howell Melon Festival, the local Republicans have taken their family-values culture-crusades to an entirely new level in breathlessly calling for an immediate investigation into the “misuse of public funds” by Howell Area Parks and Recreation Authority employees who “took it upon themselves to set up and promote a controversial fundraiser for a private nonprofit group that shared their political beliefs.”

The controversial fundraiser?

Drag Queen Bingo.

Lord, where are my pearls? I feel a major clutch coming on.

The local GOP filed a Freedom of Information request with the City of Howell for the email exchange in the setting up of the event, and then reviewed “hundreds of emails” before issuing its press release calling for the investigation. (If you click here, you can read the GOP press release in its entire, unedited form, and see some of the emails.)

In the release, the local GOP also claims that the Livingston Diversity Council is a private nonprofit “associated with” the Livingston Democrat Party, whatever the heck that means. That was news to me, a former board member of the LDC, back when it was known as Livingston 2001, the organization founded in 1988 after crosses were burned on the lawn of a Black family in Genoa Township. Members back then, much as they are today, represented a wide swath of the community, including business CEOs, small business owners, faith leaders, educators, minorities, and even hack journalists like me.

Now, I can’t say for sure what Meghan Reckling, chair of the Livingston GOP, thinks about cross burnings, but I’d fight anyone who said that she and her Republican party pals support that kind of activity, because in my heart I am certain they don’t; apparently, though, drag queens — especially those who play bingo — are another thing altogether for them. Which means that they support only the certain kinds of diversity they support?

My head hurts from considering the ramifications of where the local GOP stands on diversity. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it make the world go ’round? Maybe Reckling can clue us all in.

In the meantime, I need to dig through my jewelry box.

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  1. I am not surprised at this action against the Recreation Center. I was in Howell fifteen years ago and experienced a career halting response after I allowed a group of Diversity Club students hung a rainbow flag at Howell High School. The student’s intention in doing so was to send a message that ALL students were welcome regardless of race, religion, sex or orientation. While their was a lot of support, the hate mail came out of the woodwork! If you have but one thing, be kind folks.

  2. Typical Hypocrit Democrat- everyone knows the KKK is and always has been Democrat members. Now your indicating it was Republicans who burn crosses?Stop spreading misinformation and start using facts. After all it is your party?

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