LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks, Sheriff Murphy and officers, for helping county’s seniors during pandemic

Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy

Dear Sheriff Mike Murphy:

On behalf of the entire Senior Services Department at Livingston County Catholic Charities, I would like to thank you and your officers for their selflessness and willingness to help our county’s seniors and vulnerable adult population during the stay-in-place order.

During this unprecedented time, it was such a relief knowing that we had the support of your department and team in helping us to meet the increased demand for services from our county’s vulnerable seniors. As our staff and volunteers strove to support the tremendous increase in needs of our county’s senior population, it was a blessing to know that we could call Detective Lieutenant Lynch and he would come up with the extra manpower, cars, and time to pick up food from Gleaners and deliver to citizens throughout Livingston County.

Your officers were also helpful on occasions where seniors needed medication from the pharmacy and your team would pick up and deliver these critical medications. In addition to the deliveries of essential food and medication from your staff, our seniors have shared how they looked forward to these friendly deliveries at a time of great isolation.

Often within our society, it is so easy for citizens to pick up the negative and focus on that. Livingston County Catholic Charities Senior Services staff want to share the positive and collaborative activities within our community. Sheriff Murphy, you have an amazing staff of officers and you should be proud of the work they do and the support they give to the county!

Proverbs 19:17 states “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deeds.”

Thank you again,

Senior Services Department
Livingston County Catholic Charities

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