Green Oak candidate who was ripped by GOP for being a Dem in disguise withdraws from race

When Devin Steele, 21, filed back in May to run for Green Oak Township clerk as a Republican, the Livingston County Republican Party pounced, asserting that Steele was a Democrat in disguise who was trying to “bamboozle” voters by running as a Republican.

The county GOP pointed out that Steele made donations to Democratic candidates 39 times, and made another 58 donations through the liberal ACTBLUE political action committee. He also had a lengthy history on social media of supporting Democratic candidates.

Devin Steele

That prompted the county GOP’s executive committee of taking the highly unusual step of adopting a resolution that opposed his candidacy.

The issue seems to have worked itself out, as Steele filed paperwork earlier this month withdrawing from the race. The paperwork, which was posted by the county GOP on its Facebook page, shows that Steele filed his withdrawal on Sept. 16.

The news that Steele was dropping out was welcomed by Livingston County GOP Chair Meghan Reckling, who issued this statement: “Mr. Steele recently attempted to imitate affiliation with the party responsible for Michigan’s comeback and America’s recent economic and jobs growth. While imitation might be the highest form of flattery – the fact is, he wasn’t the real deal.

“Livingston County deserves the ability to choose from a pool of authentic candidates, and we are confident that with Mr. Steele’s recent decision to withdraw from the Clerk’s race, they will now have that choice.

“We hope this sends a clear message to Democrats who try and dupe voters in our County, we will call you out, and we will win.”

Steele issued the following statement regarding his decision to withdraw from the race:

“I withdrew my candidacy as I have decided to further continue my education.

“During this time, I have met amazing supporters and vehement detractors alike. Due to this experience, I know myself, my township, and my county better. I have absolutely no regrets running as this was an extraordinary opportunity to get involved and to understand pressing issues in my community.

“In 2020, I hope that Green Oak Township has a slate of candidates in that reflect our changing demographics. I hope to witness Green Oak become the first community in Livingston County to break from the [GOP] political machine’s grip.

“As for Meghan Reckling, I tell her, parts of Livingston County are turning purple, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. “

See Steele’s letter of withdrawal below.

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