Local GOP claims candidate running as a Republican is really a Dem

The Livingston County Republican Party’s executive committee claims that Devin Steele, who has filed to run for clerk of Green Oak Charter Township as a Republican, is actually a donkey in elephant’s clothing who is trying to “bamboozle” voters.

The executive committee passed a resolution with unanimous support on July 19, 2019, opposing Steele’s candidacy.

Steele — a Brighton High School grad who, according to his Facebook page, is studying church history and theology at Hope College — filed to run as a Republican for the clerk position in May.

But the local GOP claims Steele’s political past indicates he is not one of them. In the resolution, the local GOP claims Steele has donated no fewer than 39 times to Democratic candidates and committees, and at least 58 times through ACTBLUE.

“…(B)ased upon Mr. Steele’s public donation record and his public support of past candidates, the Livingston County Republican Party Executive Committee believes Mr. Steele is a young progressive Democrat seeking election to public office,” the resolution reads. “The Livingston County Republican Party Executive Committee also believes Mr. Steele has decided to seek the nomination as a Republican because past election results show that the Republican nominee will most likely win the general election.”

Steele’s social media history shows support for Hillary Clinton, Debbie Stabenow, and Gretchen Whitmer, all three of whom were defeated by large margins in Green Oak Township.

Meghan Reckling

“If Mr. Steele had an awakening, it most likely occurred when he reviewed previous election results and realized his brand of progressive politics does not match up with the people of Green Oak Charter Township,” said Meghan Reckling, chair of the Livingston County Republican Party. “Furthermore, if he believes he will be able to bamboozle voters, he is sorely mistaken. Devin Steele is no Republican, and we intend to make sure voters know this fact.”

In the resolution, the Livingston County Republican Party Executive Committee says it will ensure that a “real Republican files for the Republican nomination for Green Oak Charter Township Clerk.”

“We intend to make sure (voters) have a clear choice to make in August next year,” Reckling said.

The Livingston Post has been unsuccessful thus far in contacting Steele for comment.

You can read the Steele resolution by clicking here.

You can check out the Livingston County GOP’s website by clicking here.

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