Genoa Township clerk’s husband flips the bird to board during Zoom public meeting

As we all get used to the new reality of public meetings being conducted virtually, here’s something you don’t see every day.

During the Genoa Township Board meeting’s virtual meeting on Monday night – conducted via Zoom – Clerk Polly Skolarus’ husband popped in to briefly flip his middle finger to the entire board.

The bird-flipping was done without fanfare or explanation. Skolarus’ husband, Chip Hartinger, just came up from behind as Skolarus was participating in the meeting, leaned in, flipped the bird, and then backed away. Skolarus didn’t seem too amused by the move, turning and telling him to “leave.”

The incident came during an otherwise innocuous conversation about waiving water-connection fees for a new Tubby’s Sub Shop in the township. The incident was making the rounds on social media by Tuesday.

Skolarus, the longtime clerk in Genoa, is running for re-election this year. She’s being opposed in the Republican primary by Rita Croft.

The video of the Genoa Township Board meeting is below. The bird-flipping incident takes place at the 27:32 mark:

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