Genesis House welcomes contributions for 13th Annual Walkathon

Genesis House in Fowlerville, Michigan

Walking for your health: It’s a good thing.

It’s a good thing at Genesis House, I wrote in my September 15, 2010 blog about the 9th Annual Walkathon by members of Fowlerville, Michigan’s Genesis House – Livingston County’s Mental Health Clubhouse .

Members walk every day of the year, but each spring they hold a walkathon fundraiser during the entire month of May, which is Mental Health Month. Members pledge to walk and the community pledges donations.

This year, 61 walkers participated in the 13th Annual Walkathon; and they chalked up 278 total miles walked during the month.

The walkathon not only raises awareness of the existence of the clubhouse in the community and the resources it provides, it also helps raise money for various clubhouse projects.

I’ve subscribed to the club newsletter for awhile now, and I noticed in the current issue that the goal for May is about halfway to their desired goal of $1,450.

So I asked Mike Leahy, Genesis House Employment Coordinator, if I could post about it in my blog. Perhaps new folks might become aware of Genesis House and would like to join the fundraiser, since the donation time period is extended through mid-July.

Here’s a list of things, cited in the newsletter, that the walkathon helps support:

Empower the Genesis House community,

-To assist members in improving their lives by promoting opportunities for socializing in the community

-Participating in the Clubhouse movement (Training, Networking)

-Promoting wellness

-Promoting individual goal achievement: Education, Employment

-Acquiring equipment to facilitate the efficiency, productivity and quality of the Work-ordered Day.

-Promoting community building

Contributions may be sent to: Genesis House, 501 W. Grand River, Fowlerville, MI 48836. If you’d like to talk to Mike Leahy or to Lee Kellogg, clubhouse director, you may call (517) 223–1393.

Walking is sometimes a challenge for Genesis House club members. Yet, the daily walk inspires many to enjoy walking as part of their everyday health routine; and walking is known to improve our mental health.

I got to thinking about this past voracious winter we Michiganders experienced…the polar vortex and all that. Of course, Leahy said yes, when I wondered about the harsh winter conditions for walking.

Winter walks were a fun challenge here, he said. A small group of us would go out even on the coldest days.

I first became acquainted with Genesis House when I wrote about its opening for the Fowlerville News and Views.

For several years, I walked with Clayton Klein (Michigan’s Walking Man) and club members during the annual Walkathon at Genesis House.

For five years (from 2005 to 2009 when he turned 90) Klein walked the length of Michigan – from Paradise in the Upper Peninsula to Hell (down here in Livingston County) and beyond to Ohio. While no longer doing the long walks, he walks every day that he possibly can.

Klein inspired many club members to gain a new perspective on the health benefits of daily walking. You can read about a couple of our walks with Genesis House members here:

Walking: It’s a good thing at Genesis House

Walking a mile in your shoes: Genesis House hosts 10th annual walkathon for mental health.

Here is the clubhouse website link:








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