From music to memories …

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I was asked several months ago to, please, teach another altered CD book class and I have struggled with the concept for the class ever since. Then, finally, inspiration struck in the way of a fuzzy, soft little ball of yarn in hues of warm golden straw, creamy white and brown. I fell in love immediately with the colors – they spoke Shabby Chic to me and I love that style. It fit right in with my style of paper crafting – a little distressed; a little altered.

Okay, so I had the inspiration for my CD book; now I needed to find the right papers. It’s not always easy selecting papers, but I finally settled on Botanicabella by Graphic 45, a beautiful line with its creams, browns and hint of golden straw-like coloring. These papers would work well with the Shabby Chic look as I added vintage-style buttons, lace, ribbons and other embellishments.

The design process always intrigues me. I look at other people’s works and often wonder where their inspiration came from and how they go about their design process. Mine seems to be always changing.

Like I said, first I need to find the inspiration – and it took me months for this project, but once I had all the pieces in front of me, they seemed to speak to me and guide me through the process. I chose which papers would cover each page – making sure they would alternate and coordinate, then designed the cover.

To me, the cover is the most important piece of a book, setting the tone for all the pages that follow so I always feel the need to create it before moving on to the inside pages. Once I have that the rest really seems to fall into place quite naturally and sometimes very quickly.

The project is nearly done; I just need to determine which photos to use and add a tad more embellishments, but it’s coming along quite nicely. I intend to offer this class in November so I need to be done with it soon, before I run out of time. These mini books give you another option for preserving your photos and favorite memories.