Frigid February mornings provide perfect inspiration for Howell artist

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Artist Susan Pominville has produced another stunning piece of art painting en plain air (French for “in open air”) over the course of a few frigid February mornings on her Howell farm.

Lucky for us, Pominville filmed herself (as well as her Australian shepherd, Clark, and a goat), and produced a time-lapse video documenting her work.

The finished piece leaves us crossing our fingers for an early spring. See for yourself:

You can check out Pominville’s first outdoor painting by clicking here.

Pominville — who designed The Livingston Post’s logos — does graphic work at her company Abovo Visual Communications, which you can check out here. She is also a talented photographer who produces stock images of Livingston County, which you can check out at Picture Livingston.com by clicking here.

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