Court filing reveals Genoa has been paying attorney $150 an hour to fight school

So this is how Linda Rowell will be spending your money if she’s elected Genoa Township supervisor. And this is the kind of fiscal responsibility you can expect if Todd Smith and Polly Skolarus are both re-elected in Tuesday’s primary.

It was revealed last week that Genoa Township has been paying an attorney firm $150 an hour to keep a small Christian school out of the township. That’s how much the township has been spending to fight a lawsuit from Livingston Christian Schools, which wants to locate in Genoa.

The Township Planning Commission, of course, gave near-unanimous approval to the school, but the Township Board has decided to play politics with children, and is fighting it.

In a court filing Thursday in U.S. District Court in Detroit, it was revealed that Genoa has been paying lawyer T. Joseph Seward and his law firm $150 an hour to keep Livingston Christian out of Genoa. Thus far, T. Joseph Seward’s firm has spent 540.6 hours on the case, which adds up to a whopping $81,090 in Genoa Township taxpayer money that has flown out the door, all to fund a political vendetta that Rowell, Smith and Skolarus have against Livingston Christian.

This case has been in the headlines for almost a year now, and nobody is happier about that than T. Joseph Seward. His wallet is $81,090 thicker with Genoa Township money, thanks to Linda Rowell, Todd Smith and Polly Skolarus.

And if voters cast a ballot tomorrow for Rowell, Smith and Skolarus, nobody will be smiling bigger than T. Joseph Seward, because that means his wallet will be getting even fatter.

So if you see T. Joseph Seward standing at the polls tomorrow holding up a sign that says “VOTE FOR LINDA ROWELL,” you’ll know why. Whereas she’s been very bad for Genoa Township taxpayers, she’s been very good for T. Joseph Seward. A vote for Linda Rowell is a vote for T. Joseph Seward’s bank account.

And according to the motion that was filed Thursday, T. Joseph Seward wants everyone to know that at $150 an hour, Genoa Township has actually been getting a bargain! He COULD be charging them more than double that!

Quoting from the motion, which can be seen in its entirety here: “This recent survey indicates that the mean or average billing rate of Mr. Seward’s experience, 33 years, is $276 per hour. It further indicates that the mean billing rate for an equity partner in a law firm, such as Mr. Seward and Ms. Rosati, is $333 per hour.”

So consider yourselves lucky, Genoa Township taxpayers! T. Joseph Seward is willing to work for the paltry sum of just $150, but he COULD be dinging you for $333 an hour.

It’s now up to the voters, of course, to decide whether Linda Rowell, Todd Smith and Polly Skolarus will be returned to the Genoa Township Board. The Republican primary is Tuesday, and if all three of them are returned to the board, it’s a good bet the legal battle against Livingston Christian will continue.

So the choice is pretty clear for Genoa voters. If you want your tax dollars to go toward township services, parks and roads, don’t vote for Linda Rowell, Todd Smith or Polly Skolarus.

If you want your tax dollars to go to T. Joseph Seward, then do vote for them.

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