County Democratic chair Judy Daubenmier slings the worst kind of political mud

Judy Daubenmier is the chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party, and through the years, she’s had her share of ridiculous moments, most of which have been harmless and wholly ineffective. Nothing she’s done has ever made the county turn more blue.

In her most recent salvo, though, she crossed the line and did something that is truly offensive and repulsive. She should be ashamed of herself and she needs to apologize.

In a letter to the editor to the Livingston Post that posted yesterday, Daubenmier wrote about Wednesday’s much-publicized “Operation Gridlock” rally in Lansing. Most every Democrat in Michigan hated the rally. No surprise there.

In Daubenmier’s letter, she wondered why Livingston County’s three elected Republican state legislators – Sen. Lana Theis, Rep. Hank Vaupel and Rep. Ann Bollin – have not come out and publicly condemned the rally.

Ordinarily, that would just be a bunch of blah blah blah nothingness, but a single line in Daubenmier’s letter crossed the line. To help you out, I’ve highlighted the repulsive line in bold letters.

She wrote:

“I think the public deserves some answers from them. Did they support the rally, which flaunted social distancing guidelines? Did they think it was appropriate for Confederate battle flags to wave on the grounds of the Capitol near the monuments to Michigan’s Civil War dead and veterans? Did they think swastikas have a place in the United States?

Really, Judy? Really? You’re asking if Livingston County’s three state legislators believe that swastikas have a place in the United States?

You’re asking the voters of Livingston County to make the logical conclusion that because Lana Theis, Hank Vaupel and Ann Bollin have not specifically come out and condemned swastikas, that must mean they’re Nazi sympathizers?

In the middle of a pandemic, when you’re rightly asking everyone on both sides of the political aisle to come together to get through this, that’s what you’ve decided to write about? That Lana Theis, Hank Vaupel and Ann Bollin might support Nazism?

Really, Judy?

Forget the fact that you’re exhibiting the worst kind of partisanship by doing that. You certainly could have made your point that the rally was a bad idea without accusing our three state lawmakers of possibly being Nazi sympathizers.

You know who else didn’t specifically condemn the swastikas at the rally? U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly. She put out a statement that criticized the rally, but she didn’t specifically mention the swastikas. Or the Confederate flags, for that matter.

Using your logic, can we then assume that Congresswoman Slotkin supports swastikas and Confederate flags?

Of course not. And neither do Lana Theis, Hank Vaupel and Ann Bollin.

As I said, Judy Daubenmier has said and done some ridiculous things in her role as Livingston County Democratic Party chair, but this was a new low.

She owes an apology to Lana Theis, Hank Vaupel and Ann Bollin.

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