Chirping Sounds of Spring – Inside My House

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I thought about posting this in Food Porn…but it’s too soon, I think.

I have wanted to have chickens for years. No, I don’t know why. When I was Village President I researched and then pushed forward an ordinance that would allow village residents to keep backyard chickens, but I never did take advantage of it myself. This… spring? not sure what to call the last few weeks we’ve had here in Michigan…I went through the process – pretty painless – and even added a little twist by requesting a mobile coop that I could move around the yard as needed.

Neighbor approval was required, and the universal – and only, really – question from all of them was “Can I get some eggs?” Neighborhood association approval was required, but they tend to not want to go up against village ordinances, so that sailed through as well. The poor village zoning administrator trudged out to the backyard in 12 inches of snow to check my proposed locations, and with all of those ducks…er, chickens…in a row, I got my permit, ordered my coop, and went over to the local feed store, Ed Bock’s, and picked out 4 chicks.

They came home in this:



Is that great or what? Mmmmm, irresistible tasty fillings, NO KIDDING.

There will, of course, be many, many updates on the Chicken Situation here. The chicks are two Araucanas, one Buff Orpington, and one Light Brahma. The brahma is the one making most of the commotion in the video, but she settled down before I was tempted to pretend she was an orlotan.

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