Chem-Trend Buys Chairs for Nature Center

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Chem-Trend, a business located in Howell, makes high performance release agents, die lubricants, tire paints, purge compounds and ancillary products related to molding, casting and forming operations. Starting in 2010 they have been conducting some of their training sessions at Howell Conference and Nature Center, in the Knoll Lodge,  a hotel-style building featuring nine individual suites, each with a full bath.

Knoll Lodge

“The HNC offers great team-building training with the ropes courses; and with us being a Howell-based company, it is very conveniently located for our employees.” said Donna Anderson. “The HNC is a great resource for the local business community”

“We saw a need and filled it.” That’s how Donna  describes this month’s donation of $1750 for new folding chairs, which will benefit not only Chem-Trend employees, but also the many other companies, school groups, community organizations, and individuals that utilize the facility every year.