Capturing a moment

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This week in my quest for completing another layout of one of my children, I opted for a layout of my daughter Rachel. After working on pages for my sons recently I was in the mood for something a little girly-looking and I wanted to try a new paper-folding technique I learned to make this big flower. Now, I know I have pictures of Rachel in my garden, at the Michigan Botanical Gardens, the gardens in Holland and in Florida, but do you think I could find one! No. My photos are in no particular order – not by year, date, or event. I really should organize but every time I look at that task it just seems too daunting so I ignore it.

One good thing about hunting for photos in my stash though, is every now and then I come across a photo that really jogs a memory and I just have to pull that one out and scrap it. That’s what happened when I came across this photo of Rachel.

It’s one of her graduation photos and I had nearly forgotten about this pose. It’s one of my favorites and is – in my opinion – Rachel as she truly was at this time in her life. Her selection of outfits a reflection of her personality with the tie-dye T-shirt, cut-offs, macrame bracelet and tiny hair clips; all-natural, sweet, innocent, caring and just plain fun to be around. She was excited about her final year in high school with her friends and looking forward to the future and it shows in her face. That’s what I hope to capture in scrapbooking this page. She’s still the same sweet, caring girl and just plain fun to be around. Fortunately, we get to see her often and a couple times a year we even get together for scrapbooking.

If you would like more information on how this layout, check out my blog for details.