You can help Earl Farm Foundation provide ground beef to local food pantries

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Brent Earl

Brent Earl of Howell Township has put out a request for donations that will get one-pound packages of ground beef into local food pantries.

“Our local pantries need our support today,” Earl said in his plea for donations. “The heightened need for them most likely will continue for several months to come, perhaps until the end of the year.”

The Earls have been donating beef to pantries for many years, and increased efforts in 2017 after a Field to Table event at his farm during the sunflower bloom.

“We raised over $12,000 at that event,” Earl said. “Since then, we’ve donated between three and five cows a year.”

Earl upped his goal of gifting 100 cows in his lifetime as “today’s events will push food pantries to the brink.”

“I want to get the ball rolling so we can contribute as much as we can as soon as we can for the remainder of the year.”

How much more?

“I don’t have a crystal ball to know exactly how bad it might get,” Earl said. “However, what I am learning (is that) they will be stressed beyond measure for some time.”

Every penny of every dollar donated goes to the purchase and processing of the beef. Earl and volunteers will distribute the ground beef to the pantries.

“I will buy cows from farmers I have connections with,” Earl said. “I will send them to a USDA meat processor, and then pick up and deliver the beef to our local pantries.”

The average cost of purchasing and processing a single cow is $1,500, and the result is about 500 pounds of burger.

“If we could provide five or six cows a month, that would be a huge infusion of one-pound packages to our community,” Earl said. “Let’s see what we can accomplish.”

You can contact Earl at or at (517) 294-1271.

You can learn about the Earl Farm Foundation by clicking here.

Check out this video about the current effort:


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