Wizards vs. vampires: Which are you going to see?

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In the way the world is put together nowadays it has become Wizard Vs. Vampires and Harry Potter Vs. Twilight. Naturally, when the two new premieres come out, one crowd will support the heroic scenery of Harry Potter and the others will root for a more bloodthirsty crowd. So which are you?

Let me help you make the decision.

In the coming-soon movie, “Breaking Dawn,” Bella and Edward face issues of their own as the famous couple gets married, Bella has a blood sucking child in her womb, and Jacob (our personal fave!), finally finds his true love. So what else does this brilliant movie have in store? A few new costars and a brand new character! So how many of you want to see the amazing new feature??

Also coming soon, “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part One,” in which Harry embarks on a brand new adventure to hunt the infamous horcruxes of Voldemort’s past. Simply meant to be an amazing new section to a two part movie, this should be the best Harry Potter theater hit yet!

Both sound like great new hits, but which one are you really interested in seeing? I’d be happy to hear your comments! Leave some interesting opinions and I’ll put them into my next edition of, “Which Are you Going To See,” so people will recieve some insight.

Until next time!