Which Livingston County restaurant would you bring back?

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Livingston County loves to go out to eat, and the community has had its share of memorable restaurants throughout the years.

We like to think we’ve been around long enough to have eaten at every single one of them.

Some of the restaurants, like The Canopy in Brighton, were on the fancy side. Some, like the Oasis Truck Stop in Hartland, weren’t. Yet both were immensely popular back in the day. And we have fond memories of both.

We got to thinking about which of those restaurants we’d love to have back today. While we know which we’d choose, we’re curious as to which you’d love to revive.

So, we ask: If you could choose to bring back just one of these restaurants that were once popular in Livingston County, which would you choose?

Pick from our list below, and if we didn’t include the one restaurant you’d love to bring back, tell us which one it is in the space provided.

We’ll let you know how the restaurants of old fared on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019.

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