LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need officials who are serious about gun safety legislation

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A car backfires in New York City and hundreds of people run for their lives.

Kids gear up for back-to-school and parents are considering bullet-resistant backpacks!

Kids beg adults to do something to keep them safe in their schools and the result is that they talk about arming teachers!

A gun is placed in a classroom and first-graders find it!

This is a uniquely American experience because gun industry lobbyists control many lawmakers. Trump vows to do something until he talks to the NRA, and McConnell puts an end to any sensible gun control legislation when it lands on his desk. So, the lives of all Americans are expendable as long as gun enthusiasts have absolute, unfettered access to any kind of weapon anytime! That’s not fair and we are tired of the status quo.

When I wrote to state Rep. Ann Bollin about the need for tougher gun laws, her response was that mental health is a factor in mass murders with no mention of the need for gun legislation.

Every nation has mental health issues but not mass murders because they have gun laws that work. Let’s elect officials who are serious about a fair and pragmatic effort to stem this plague of gun violence.

Donna Gadbaw, Brighton

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  1. Guess what @Donna Gadbaw, Brighton… Criminals DO NOT obey laws. Only law abiding citizens do, and many of us are gun owners. There are plenty of laws on the books now, that if enforced would stop many of these shootings. A law abiding citizen with a gun is your best defense while you wait for the police to arrive!

    • It is logical that where there are more guns there are more shootings.

      Assault weapons are designed for the battlefield and doctors report that the bullets from these guns shred victims’ organs and tissues.

      Colt will no longer manufacture assault weapons for sale to the general public.

      A majority of Americans want sensible gun restrictions.

      Time to face facts, Gary.

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