“We are a nation that prizes equality”: FlexTech board opposes governor’s charter school funding veto

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Members of the FlexTech High School board voted this week to oppose Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s recent veto of a plan to reduce the funding gap that unfairly penalizes students who choose to attend public charter schools.

FlexTech High School is an innovative charter school in Brighton that employs project-based learning in an environment that’s heavy on technology and individualized learning. The school opened in 2011.

In adopting its “Fairness First” resolution, the FlexTech board said it was answering the learning needs of its own students and families. 

“All Michigan students should receive the same per-pupil funding amount, no matter what school they choose to attend,” said Blythe Patterson, Board President. “To suggest otherwise is a violation of all that we believe as a society. We are a nation that prizes equality. Freedom. Opportunity. To create institutional inequity through this kind of budget policy is harmful and wrong.” 

According to its resolution, the board believes the governor’s actions are political moves that victimize FlexTech High School students. The measure states the board’s contention that its students are being singled out, because every other traditional public school student in Michigan received its legislatively-appropriated funding amount. 

“Only public school students attending charters are being discriminated against by this action,” the resolution said. 

The resolution calls on the governor and legislature to come to an agreement that quickly restores the $240 per pupil increase its FY 2020 school budget was built upon. 

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