WATCH: One of the best Michigan experiences ever, and it’s totally free: Swimming under the Mackinac Bridge

Amelia Moorehouse of Gregory swims under the Mackinac Bridge.

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It’s something that should be on the bucket list of every Great Lakes-loving Michigander. And yet, most people are apparently unaware of the fact that you can even do it:

Swimming under the Mackinac Bridge.

A video posted to Facebook of a Livingston County family swimming under the bridge has garnered almost 8,000 views in just a few days, and dozens of comments from people who didn’t seem to realize that it was even possible to swim under Mighty Mac, the iconic bridge that connects Michigan’s two peninsulas.

The Moorehouse family from Gregory – Buddy, Kathy, Amelia and Lottie – stumbled upon the bridge swim during a trip to Mackinaw City last week. Buddy said that the family had crossed the bridge and had been through town to visit Mackinac Island many times, but they never realized you could actually swim under the state’s most famous landmark.

The Moorehouses took a GoPro video of the bridge swim and posted it to Facebook last week, and based on the comments, plenty of other people had the same reaction: This is the coolest Michigan thing ever!

A sampling of comments:

“This is epic!! Did not know this!!”

“I have to do this!!”

“I did not know this. Thank you for sharing.”

“Amazing video … Interesting location and info.”

The video posting contains some interesting facts about the Mackinac Bridge’s location at the intersection of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Unlike the other Great Lakes, there’s no official line of demarcation between Lakes Huron and Michigan.

In fact, some geologists argue that because the body of water that connects them is so big, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are actually just one big lake. Some go so far as to call it Lake Huron-Michigan.

Traditionalists that we are, though, we prefer to believe that there are five Great Lakes, and not four.

Most traditionalists also accept that the dividing line between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan is the Mackinac Bridge, which means that you can easily hold your breath and swim from one Great Lake to another while you’re under the bridge.

The Moorehouse family video features an interesting underwater shot in which one daughter is in Lake Huron and the other is in Lake Michigan, even though they’re only a few inches apart from each other.

Simply put, as the video illustrates, for any Michigander, there are few things cooler than sitting under your state’s most iconic structure and swimming in the crystal-blue waters.

And the best part about it: It’s free. The beach is located in a Mackinaw City park, and it’s totally free to just park there and swim.

If you want to experience the under-the-bridge swim, here’s what you need to know:

  • The beach can be accessed via Alexander Henry Park, 520 N. Huron St., Mackinaw City. There’s convenient parking and restrooms on site.
  • The beach is VERY rocky, so swim shoes are highly recommended.
  • Those who’ve been there report that the water can be too cold to swim for much of the year, so you’ll usually have the best luck late in the summer, particularly in August. The Moorehouse family had beautiful 73-degree water to swim in.
  • As many T-shirts in the local shops proudly point out, the entire lake is shark-free and salt-free. So feel free to swim without worry!

You probably have a few quality weeks left this summer to experience the bridge swim yourself before the water turns cold, so head north and have at it! In the meantime, check out the viral Facebook video (below) of the Moorehouse family’s bridge swim to see what it’s all about.

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