WATCH: Livingston County island house looks incredible from above in new drone video

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If you’ve ever wanted to live on your own private island, what are your options? The Caribbean? The South Pacific? The Gulf of Mexico?

Try Brighton Township.

That’s right, there’s actually a private island in Livingston County that somebody lives on. It’s located dab smack in the middle of Woodland Lake, just a few hundred feet off Grand River Avenue.

There are no horses or fudge shops on it, but it’s still one of the closest things that Livingston County has to our own little Mackinac Island.

For the first time, you get a beautiful overhead view of this Livingston County private island home, courtesy of this new drone video.

You’ll see that while there’s an electrical line that links the island with the mainland, there’s no bridge. The homeowners have to use a boat to get back and forth every day. We’re assuming that a snowmobile takes the place of the boat in the winter months.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live on your own private island, here’s a glimpse of what would be in store. The 360-degree lake view would be pretty awesome, but could you handle having to take a boat ride every day just to go to the store?

As of now, you won’t have a chance to find out. The Woodland Lake island house isn’t currently for sale, so you’ll just have to wonder and dream.

In the meantime, hop aboard our drone as we see what one of Livingston County’s own island houses looks like from the clouds.

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  1. When I worked at Sefa’s in Brighton, we called it Sefa;s island…..Mr. Sefa owned it…..I also remember snowmobiling in the 70’s, early 80’s out toward the island as I had heard a plane crashed out there….it did….the landing gear had caught the power lines, and there laid the plane on the ice and upside down….

  2. We owned the cottage and lot next to the owners who built the original log cabin home on the island. They owned the lot next to us and had a mobile home they lived in during the winter, and lived on the island n the remaining 3 seasons. We would swim to the island every day when we were kids…it was magical.

  3. East Crooked Lake, near Oak Pointe, has 3 islands, each with a house, and has for years.

    • Great! We didn’t know that. We’ll correct the story and get some video of those island houses, too.

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