Walk with me: Enchanting beauty of sunflowers makes my day

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Van Gogh's interpretation of sunflowers.

Vincent Van Gogh and I have something in common: an affinity for sunflowers. I am happy to report that I got to spend some quality time among the amazing blooms today.

My view of nearby sunflowers.

These sunflowers, just off D-19 Chilson Road and north of I-96 in Howell, are visible from both the roadway and freeway. As I was heading south on D-19 Chilson Road, I had to pull off the road and spend some time in the middle of the sunflower patch, which went on as far as my eye and cell-phone camera could see.

It was a lovely, sunny afternoon, a reward of sorts for the storms we’ve endured the past couple days, I am sure. The rain breathed renewed life and vigor into lawns and fields and gardens starved for water, which all put on a great show today. But nothing shone quite as magnificently as these amazing sunflowers; I consider my time amongst them an attitude adjustment of the highest order.

Take a look:

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