United Way taking applications for 21-day equity challenge

Over the summer, the United Way Worldwide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team created a 21 Day Equity Challenge and engaged many of the local United Ways in participating.  Over 1,000 people answered that call and now we are able to share this incredible learning model with all of you!

The Livingston County United Way will host the challenge, starting Jan. 18  and ending Feb. 8, via e-newsletters sent every day to those who sign up to participate. For 21 consecutive days, the newsletters will post a series of articles, videos, and podcasts about equity for 21 consecutive days. Each challenge will be designed to develop your personal equity lens and will take you no more than 15 minutes a day (unless you choose to do more). Additionally, we want this challenge to be part of a larger conversation. To cultivate this, we will dedicate specific days throughout the challenge for reflection and community conversations through video chats.

Why should you do this?

There is some confusion on what is equity versus equality and why is it important. Equality is giving everyone the same thing. Equity is giving everyone what they need to have the same experience. By looking at equity, we can become more aware of how people are marginalized and what we can do to help reduce forms of oppression.

Why you might think 21 days is a long time, the Livingston County United Way took this into account when designing this challenge, and will be distributing learning materials in a manner that won’t be overly obtrusive to your day.

Each day’s content only requires 10-15 minutes of your time. The newsletters have a substantial amount of content to provide a variety of learning opportunities dependent on your background and experience.

Also taken into consideration are different learning methods. Some may learn best by reading, others by listening or watching videos. The challenge includes all three, allowing a plethora of options for how you’d like to complete the challenge each day.

Sign Up

Register at http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=tphqs6bab&oeidk=a07ehfqi85915d3b600 by Jan. 15.

Additional Information

Originally created by Debby Irving and Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. at the Interaction Institute for Social Change, this unique UWW challenge was crafted by the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion intern Julian Brown with support from Geniro Dingle.

Contact Anne Rennie at arennie@lcunitedway.org or (810) 494-3000 with questions.

To learn more about the work of Livingston County United Way and how to get involved or donate, call (810) 494-3000, visit www.lcunitedway.org or social media accounts @lcunitedway.

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