Tips For Submitting Yours Resume Through Email

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In today’s modern job market, submitting resumes via email is becoming more and more common. While this saves time, paper, and keeps everything organized electronically, making sure that a prospective employer is viewing a clean, easy to read and well formatted resume has become more difficult. Different companies acquire different types of software, which may allow them to view your resume, but in a different format than you originally intended. Below are some tips and links to help you, the job seeker make the professional first impression you want to provide a prospective employer.

  • Start by typing your resume up in a word processing program. Keeping elements such as your qualifications, education, and work experience organized is important and will help the employer to see why you are a great fit for the position available. By typing up your resume, you now have a copy you can print out, as well as email to prospective employers.
  • Don’t forget to use spell check to your advantage. Most word processing programs include a spell check feature, which helps keep your communication skills correct and professional.
  • Be sure to save your resume in multiple formats. By providing employers with your resume in rich text formatting (rtf) and pdf formatting will help ensure their ability to open your resume. A pdf file ensures that an employer will be able to view your resume in an uneditable format that looks exactly how you saved it.  Copy and pasting your resume into the body of the email is also an option, however your formatting may not stay in tact.
  • Include a cover letter with in the body of the email that you send. A brief message addressed to the employer or human resources representative provides a personalized touch and allows you to make a professional introduction prior to them reading your resume.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to attach your resume! Prospective employers look for detail oriented organized professionals. Forgetting to attach your resume does not leave a positive first impression, so be sure to double check that your resume is attached before sending out the email.

Need help saving your document in the appropriate formatting? Check out the link here for information on how to save your document as .txt file, .rtf file, and .pdf file.


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