Three tickets to the past: Here’s where I’m going in the Livingston County Time Machine

We’re going to pretend that I just invented a Livingston County Time Machine, and here’s what it does:

It can take you back in time, but it only works in Livingston County.

You’ll receive three one-hour tickets, and you have to use them like this: You get to go back in time for one hour at your favorite restaurant; you get to go back for one hour at your favorite store; and you get to back for one hour at your favorite event.

Got it? You get to go back in time in Livingston County to your favorite restaurant, your favorite store and your favorite event. And you only have one hour to spend at each of these.

Here’s where I’m going:

A restaurant review of Annie’s Pot from 1984.

One hour at my favorite restaurant: Annie’s Pot in Howell

I thought long and hard about this one. I thought about going back to the Honeydew Cafe in Howell to enjoy my all-time favorite Livingston County dish: Ala Mala Ooe. I thought about going back to the Pinckney Inn for some pecan chicken. I thought about going back to the all-you-can-eat bar at the Ponderosa in Brighton. I thought about getting a burger at the Midget.

But I settled on going back to Annie’s Pot in Howell.

Located on Grand River Avenue just east of downtown, Annie’s Pot was heaven on earth. When I go back in time for my hour there, I’m going to order a ham pizza and some Depression-era bean soup.

And then when I’m done with those, I’m going to spend the last 45 minutes or so just eating breadsticks. The best breadsticks that God ever imagined. Dripping in butter and oozing with flavor in every bite. I can taste them now.

The Little Professor Book Center in Brighton.

One hour at my favorite store: The Little Professor Book Center in Brighton

Again, such a hard decision. Do I go back to Uber’s Drugs and get a $2 bill in change? Do I browse the aisles at the D&C Store in Howell? Do I shop for a new pair of slacks at Utter’s Men’s Wear in Fowlerville?

No. I’m going to spend my hour at the Little Professor. Livingston County has been home to some phenomenal bookstores (including Aria Booksellers in Howell), and the Little Professor is right at the top.

I’m going to spend the hour looking at magazines, browsing the sports books, and mostly, making small talk with Todd and Jane, the owners.

I can’t wait.

The 1985 Howell-South Lyon game.

One hour at my favorite event: Fourth quarter of the Howell-South Lyon football game at Page Field, Oct. 11, 1985

What to do, what to do …

I thought about spending an hour watching a play at the Mill Pond Theater in Brighton. Or maybe an hour at a Melon Festival parade in the 1980s, back when they had the contraption race entries. I even thought about spending an hour at the greatest concert I’ve ever seen in Livingston County – Jan and Dean at the Fowlerville Fair in 1999.

But I settled on a sporting event. I knew I wanted it to be a football game at Page Field in Howell – because nothing in Livingston County sports history was ever better than a football game at Page Field.

And the one I settled on was the 1985 Howell-South Lyon game. I only have one hour, which means I can’t watch the whole game, so I’m picking the fourth quarter.

Howell came into the game 4-1 and South Lyon was 5-0. The stands at Page Field were tiny and only held a couple hundred fans, but there were probably 5,000 people there. They lined the field, all the way around, maybe six or seven deep. And they screamed and hollered from start to finish.

South Lyon had taken a 7-0 lead early in the game, and Howell answered with a long touchdown drive late in the second quarter. The touchdown came on a short run by the legendary Rusty Frever.

Howell Coach John Dukes then decided to go for two, and it worked. Quarterback Stacey Katlin faked a handoff to running back Tom Clements, and the entire South Lyon team bought it. As they tried to tackle Clements, Katlin rolled right and found tight end Joe Moorman all alone in the end zone for the conversion.

Howell 8, South Lyon 7.

And that’s where it stayed. In the fourth quarter – the part of the game I’m going back in time to see – the two teams traded punches, but nobody could find the end zone. It was tense and heart-pounding and glorious. The game ended 8-7, and the Howell fans stormed the field when the final buzzer sounded.

I can’t wait to see it all again.

So, that’s what I’m doing with MY three Livingston County Time Machine passes. What are you doing with YOURS?

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  1. Super cute idea, but too many choices!
    I’m would start with dinner at The Canopy in Brighton. I was just a kid, but remember the gentleman playing the piano and whenever I walked in (and I’m sure every other kid), he would play Mickey Mouse. I remember a painting of a naked lady lounging behind the bar and that always embarrassed me. There was a female maitre d that seemed to know my parents quite well and I always felt very special dining at The Canopy. They even had finger bowls (in a martini glass maybe). It was always memorable.
    Then I would go shopping at what I believe was called Garland’s? About where Cleary’s is now. My mom bought me a lot of plaid wool skirts with huge safety pins on them and vests. Many vests. I may have been a tad spurlt (as my husband John used to say:)
    Then I would go see Bob Seger at the Howell High School. Some fool in Texas tried to tell me that no one ever heard of Bob Seger. That it was only a Michigan thing. Nope.
    Actually, If I could change & simplify the rules of the game…I would just spend my entire time at Parker’s Corners Elementary School. I would take my BFF Renee Huffine & her little brother Randy. I would have lunch outside under the big tree that still exists, on the last day of school in June. I would paint a picture in the large classroom with huge front windows & clerestory windows above. It was just such a special place to be with all the natural light. Then I would go outside and play Pom Pom Pole Away and finish up by kicking Renee’s butt at Tetherball! I love PC so much that I own it now. And the funny thing is… I bought it from Randy Huffine. My very good friend.
    Good times:)

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